Just a bit about the 2017 Xcape and modifications we have done to our Xcape . Some are a necessity and some are just for us.

1 Change water pump to a decent Sure-flo pump

2 Replace cold water pipe that goes to geyser to a decent pipe that can hold the heat

3 Connect Gas pipe to the gas plate permanantly

4 Move stabilizer plate holder to in between the gas bottles

5 Put in a second battery.

6 Solar Panels

7 MPPT Charge Controler

8 Replace canvas doors with wooden doors

9 Redo kitchen Draw Foam packing System

10 Water Bottle Hanger

11 Modify kitchen left latch so it closes properly

12 LED Lighting with remote

13 Make cover for bed to seal it from the outside

14 Replace Bed Mattress

15 Kitchen Flap supports

16 Pole Box

17 800w inverter

18 Bar / plates

19 licence disk holder

20 Jockey Wheel

21 Basin Holder

22 Bottle Opener

23 Solar Panels on Roof

24 Shower Light blue or white

25 Interior light switch

26 Pole above Bed

27 Blue tooth monitor

28 Water Tank for filling geysor

29 Braai in Gerry can Holder

30 Brad Harris plugs

31 USB Charging Plugs

32 Wooden Support Blocks

33 Wind Breaker on Stove

34 Stabalisors

35 Lable Poles with different colours

36 Water pipe fitting kit

37 Brad Harris plug next to 220v plug socket


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