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African Barred Owlet

African Barred Owlet – Gebande Uil – Glaucidium – Capense First Seen In Kruger Pafuri Area 5 January 2007 Now Photographed in Tsendze Kruger National Park 29 December 2017 Lifer 702 for Sion     […]


Mokala to Phalaborwa

Mokala to Phalaborwa (1098 KM) Depart gate @ 7 am Arrived @ 8:29 pm Kimberly Petrol R15,02/l Potch Petrol R14,76/l Relatively flat drive except for the pot holes near the end of the days driving. […]


Cape Eagle Owl Grahamstown

We took a drive through to Grahams town to have a look at the elusive Cape Eagle Owls in the quarry. With the help of Lynette Rudman.    

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Northern Rockhopper Penguin

ENGLISH NAME :  Northern Rockhopper Penguin LIFER SION :  2013-01-31  (694) AFRIKAANS NAME :  Noordelike Geelkuifpikkewyn LIFER TIANA :  2013-01-31 GENUS :  Eudyptes FIRST SEEN :  Soetwater – Cape Town SPECIES :  moseleyi

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Black Skimmer

ENGLISH NAME :  Black Skimmer LIFER SION :  2012-10-04 AFRIKAANS NAME : LIFER TIANA :  2012-10-05 GENUS :  Rynchops FIRST SEEN :  Rietvlei, Cape Town, South Africa SPECIES :  niger 16h16 Got the call Skimmer […]

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Great Spotted Cuckoo

ENGLISH NAME :  Great Spotted Cuckoo LIFER SION :  2012-07-04 AFRIKAANS NAME :  Gevlekte Koekoek LIFER TIANA :  2012-07-05 GENUS :  Clamator FIRST SEEN :  Klipheuwel Western Cape SPECIES :  glandarius  


Sooty Falcon

Tiana and I decided to chase the Sooty Falcon before the weekend just in case it disappeared. Graham Searll , John Graham and Margaret Maciver joined us for the trip to Plettenberg Bay   ENGLISH NAME […]

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African Cuckoo-Hawk

ENGLISH NAME :  African Cuckoo-Hawk LIFER SION :  29 December 2010 AFRIKAANS NAME :  Koekoekvalk LIFER TIANA :  29 December 2010 GENUS :  Aviceda FIRST SEEN :  Kruger National Park (Crooks Corner) SPECIES :  cuculoides



Creighton birding trip In November 2009 I went birding in the Creighton Area … 17 November Vernon Crooks : I arrived at Durban Airport just after 9am and drove directly to Vernon Crooks Nature Reserve. […]