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Chukar Partridge

ENGLISH NAME :  Chukar Partridge LIFER SION :  17 October 2009 AFRIKAANS NAME :  Asiatiese Patrys LIFER TIANA :  17 October 2009 GENUS :  Alectoris FIRST SEEN :  Robben Island SPECIES :  chukar


Robben Island

Chakar Partridge. 17 October 2009 was the day , all thanx to Birdlife SA and Lisa Mansfield for arrainging the trip to Robben Island. Tiana and I set out for the day with 13 other […]


Ko Ka Tsara Bush Camp

On the weekend we took a drive up to Beaufort West to the Ko-Ka Tsara Bush Camp . On route via the Huguenot tunnel we had great views of the snow on the mountain and as time […]

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Cinnamon Breasted Warbler

v ENGLISH NAME :  Cinnamon-breasted Warbler LIFER SION :  14 June 2008 AFRIKAANS NAME :  Kaneelborssanger LIFER TIANA :  14 June 2008 GENUS :  Euryptila FIRST SEEN :  14 June 2008 SPECIES :  subcinnamomea  


Namibia 2007 ~ 2008

26.12.2007 I would have loved to have started this trip with the words: “At the crack of dawn” but it was more like “just after midnight”. We left our house at 02h15 after managing to […]

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Cinderella Waxbill

ENGLISH NAME :  Cinderella Waxbill LIFER SION :  5 January 2008 AFRIKAANS NAME :  Angolasysie (Swartoogsysie) LIFER TIANA :  5 January 2008 GENUS :  Estrilda FIRST SEEN :  Kunene River Lodge SPECIES :  thomensis