Day 6: 31 December 2019: Nossob New Year’s Eve Night Drive

Most disappointing and for that fact, actually highly annoying is that the new Nossop camp shop were “sold out” of WIFI vouchers and wouldn’t be getting any new ones until the day after we were due to leave – and I still checked every day just in case!  So completely no way of contacting home to make sure my Mom was okay and to wish Jessica Happy New Year.

We kept today’s drive short and did the short walk/hike inside the camp (it’s on the river chalets side) because we had booked for the New Year’s Eve Night Drive.  It was certainly extremely memorable in that it poured (could think of other words here!) with torrential rain to the extent that they had to drop the “window” sides of the game vehicle which they had never ever done before – the windows were brand new still, and we sat in one spot for about half an hour drinking our champagne and whatever the guests had brought with them whilst we waited for the storm to pass so the guide could see where she was driving.  And what may you ask did we see??? A scorpion !!!  And perhaps a mouse ran across the road, that’s it not a single other thing!!!!  However, it was unbelievable to see the dry riverbed suddenly flooded with water, the landscape had drastically changed and it was a sight to behold and a New Year’s Eve never to be forgotten!