Nossob to Unions End

Day 5: 30 December 2019: Nossob to Union’s End

Well this was a rather entertaining drive!  Firstly we put AndrΓ© and chatterbox Olivia in the car with us 😊  But more so than that – it had been raining so parts of the road had literally become rivers!!  So thankful for being able to drive a Landrover through those!!

Lioness – fast asleep and oh my word, you can see in the photos all the ticks around her neck – shame poor thing.  Plenty of vultures along this drive, although we did not see any kill remains.  Picnic spots always very interesting.  This one had an occupied bird’s nest in the toilet roll holder (mens side).

Most remarkable were the bullfrogs that we spotted – just amazing in this normally completely arid landscape.

On our drive back into camp we were surrounded by the most incredible sand storm – could barely see a thing in front of us and very happy to once again be safe inside a Landrover.