Day 4: 29 December 2019: Nossob and surrounds

We quickly discovered that the Black-Backed Jackals get themselves stuck in camp and run up and down along the fence – the inside of the fence!  Fortunately they kept to themselves and our kitchen area was never disturbed although you are warned to keep everything bolted down.

Found the most gorgeous Giant Eagle Owl just a km or two out of camp to the north, so another highlight of our trip.

Cubitje Quap – the famous waterhole, well we saw the jackal, saw the sandgrouse and doves, saw the falcon, but just didn’t get to see too much inter action between them – still though got beautiful pics, it clearly requires a whole day of sitting in one spot to wait for the action.

Same with the Nossob hide (which is “new” by the way… it’s been moved and no longer “houses” lions beneath it), we did not see too much here, but again we did not have the time to sit – too much to see and do.

Our campsite is now fully set up as we are here for 5 nights…. Party lights strung under our double sized gazebo.

Have to remember to eat supper early before it gets too dark and the scorpions come out to play!!!  “Foot spa” always on hand to keep the creepies from creeping up your legs and to keep your feet cool!

The sunsets were all spectacular and the thunderstorms magnificent!