Kgalagadi Lodge to Nossob

Day 3: 28 December 2019: Kgalagadi Lodge to Nossob Main Camp

Packed up and browsed their great shop, said goodbye to the emu – see you on our return.  And we were on our way into the park finally.

First stop of course was Twee Rivieren shop for ice-creams whilst Sion let down the tyres.  We had a quick look at the new bird hide in the camp… best to ask for directions if you are unfamiliar with the chalet layout (bit of a hike through soft sand once you find it).

First day in the park and we actually spotted LIONS, 2 beautiful big males and probably the best sighting we were going to get this trip unlike our previous trip when they almost sat under our car.  The Kalahari Gemsbok were just absolutely stunning and we saw far more raptors than I remember from our previous trip.

NOSSOP premium camp site:  Fa-bu-lous!!  Ok, so unfortunately you are not allowed to choose or book your site number – we got number 9, so we did have a “neighbour” (no. 7) pretty close by in relation to some of the other sites, but still it is so awesome to have your own private ablutions and big spacious covered kitchen area.

The ablutions: there is/was very little info about these, and ours did not appear to be the same config as what I had seen on the internet. So ours had a door into the block, then door on left to the toilet, door straight ahead into a room with basin on right and huge shower on left and yes, there was a little wooden table in the room and even a little “hotel room” soap!  All the windows have mesh coverings, but watch out what bugs you let in through the door – keep it closed.

We were on the fence line and even though it’s along the road into the camp you can’t see the road or cars at all so you don’t even notice it (perhaps it’s about 50 metres away over a little hill.  And that night I could have sworn the lions were right under our caravan – their roars were so loud that I literally jumped awake, heart pounding and body trembling….. that’s it – decision made we can’t possibly stay at unfenced camps like Rooiputs!