Cape Town to Goegap Nature Reserve

Day 1: 26 December 2019 : Cape Town to Goegap Nature Reserve

We left Cape Town in the pouring rain – and this is supposed to be Summer!  We had radio comms with André and Olivia who were travelling in André’s bakkie to which he and his Dad had fitted a great mod to include a kitchen, etc.

In our planning stages, we had decided on 2 stops to get us to Kgalagadi.  The first to be at GOEGAP NATURE RESERVE just outside of Springbok.  When I enquired about the prices I was so surprised to see that their Chalet price was super cheap and meant that we would not have to slog to set up caravan and tent etc and could actually spend some time relaxing.  Never ever had I imagined the luxury that we were getting!  This was the most immaculate and large 3 bedroomed chalet with 2 bathrooms, lounge and open plan kitchen which had everything you could possibly need, outside braai area and amazing landscape views.  They have hiking and 4 x 4 trails and nature walks and my only regret was that we were only there for 1 night. Just to note, they work on gas and solar so you may not plug in your own electronics, not a problem for us as our caravan is solar powered.