Altyd Water

Well after a long Kruger trip the van and tent had to be cleaned , so off to Altyd Water for a weekend cleanup.

Lovely quiet campsite (if your bunch are quiet), plenty of space, with awesome view of vineyards, river and mountains.  The river is inviting as always, be it winter or summer, however now in summer you can actually take it up on it’s offer and jump in to cool off!  Our guys were ingenious enough to secure a gazebo in the river – fantastic, this is the life!

We did not see the spotted eagle owls this time, as we’d seen the time before at dusk.  So perhaps they were cooling off elsewhere.

Ablutions here are a bit rustic, but adequate.  A few toilets, a few showers, and 2 rooms that contain shower, basin and toilet.  Showers are all gas heated so you’re guaranteed hot water.  I take a little stool to put my things on, but there are hooks.  There’s toilet paper, but take your own just in case.

It was a great relaxing weekend. Fun had by all and an excellent Tuna Braai thanks to our braai masters.