The Baths

Returned to The Baths after 25 Years and just as good.

Camp site great and both the hikes just short enough for me.

Citrusdal Baths : Tap right on site, riverlet not freezing cold… it created some steam in the cold mornings.

Abultions are fantastically spacious… its like a bathroom at home with a toilet, handbasin, shower, shelf area, hooks behind door. Only minor issues that the shower does not have a raised step (good I suppose if you are mobile impaired)  nor long enough curtain so there is a bit of a splash zone but theres plenty of space so not a problem. And 2ply toilet paper!! All the time!! Great hot water, even in the shower block that says solar powered and on only limited time… still had hot water at 11am.

Our site… quite possibly the best one 16B was certainly big enough. And quick pleasant walk to abultions across river. Nice braai = half drum kind but at nice seating level to keep you warm. Nice park bench provided. Level ground. Electricity point on site with a light. (although we used our own solar panels) . Only disadvantage with this site and many of the others is that the road is constantly in use and unfortunately some cars seem to not know how slow 20km /hr is. We positioned our caravan as far from road as possible and then had a sunny space to sit and then positioned the car to ‘block’ the view of the road.  From this point of view the sites 14A and 14B are probably better options although those dont have the pretty mini waterfall views as 16B.