Robben Island

Chakar Partridge.

17 October 2009 was the day , all thanx to Birdlife SA and Lisa Mansfield for arrainging the trip to Robben Island.

Tiana and I set out for the day with 13 other enthusiastic birders and Bruce Dryer and Mario Leshora as our guides. We all met at the Clock Tower at 8:30 am and boarded the Ferry ” Sikhululekile ” which departed at 9 am


Bird List for the Trip

First and formost the Chakar Partridge and the Common Peacock .

Fiscal , Bank Cormorant , Cape Cormorant,Black Crowned Night Heron,Pied Crow,Common Starling,Sandwich Tern,Cape Spurfowl,Helmeted Guineafowl,African Penguin,Kelp Gull,Cape Wagtail,Black Oystercatcher,Sacred Ibis,Hadeda Ibis,Water Thicknee,Cattle Egret,Little Egret,Cape Gannet,Common Whimbrel,Egyptian Goose,Blackwinged Stilt,Blacksmith Plover,Crowned Lapwing,Hautlaub’s Gull,House Sparrow,Cape Weaver,Pomarine Skuas and Common Terns.